Thursday, 5 January 2012

Gossip Gets Us Going

I sometimes find myself looking around, expecting to know someone to start a conversation with so I can get rid of the boredom in the room full of music. It seems a little hard to get a conversation going with a random person, doesn't it? especially when you're shy and don't like getting attention. But the kind of environment I have evolved in, I definitely like attention.
                                                 I used to be shy and a loner. I got along with boys more than i did with girls, I still do but I prefer being around girls, even if it tends to get "feisty". I have come up with a great way to start a conversation with an unknown girl. Its easy, simple and something all girls talk about (at least the self-obsessed ones). Shoes, clothes, ageing, hair, makeup, accessories, etc. you can talk about any one of these topics to get a conversation started. Well, I wasn't going to give tips on how to talk to people. So I will stop this and get to the point.

                               I know its not right to be judgmental, but sometimes I am. Not of the character but of the clothes. Might seem a little odd but I prefer talking to people who dress well. I admit I can be a bitch sometimes because all of you reading this know me. I act like that to protect myself. Anyway, I have a list of 10 girls from whom I have learnt a lot. As I have moved from state to state, these girls have taught me so much. No matter where you come from or what you do, you should not be ashamed of yourself. You should own up to your mistakes and deal with it. 
                             People talk, I agree (being a gossip girl) but that shouldn't get in your way of being the person you are. People will always try to bring you down and make you feel like crap but u need to believe in yourself and you owe it to yourself to be someone great in life. Being judgmental about the right things is okay. Sometimes you have to judge the book by its cover. You don't need to be goody all the time. Be who you really are, don't pretend.