Sunday, 31 March 2013

OOTD: Casual

Hi everyone,

Summer is here and I should probably ditch my jeans but where I live, it isn't exactly easy to do that. So I try to work my way around it. So I recently went out with the girls on a hot and cold day and I didn't want to bare it all. Check it out.

Fedora: Jack&Jones
Razor back top: Peter England
Scarf: A cut-up dupatta 
Shoes: North Star

The shoes don't exactly make a fashion statement but they are SO comfy, especially when lot of walking is required. I am not a ballet flats person, somehow they don't like me, because I have had really BAD experience with them. Gladiators, heels and converse are my thing and I shall stick to them.
I would've liked to wear shorts instead of jeans but like I mentioned, NOT the area where one can flaunt.

Excuse the blur pictures, something was up with my camera that day.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week

So I went to the recent WLFW 2013 for Fall/Winter and some designers had beautiful designs inclusive of pastels, tribal print, jewel tones etc. But some got it ALL wrong. Who would wear sheer in winter? Not me!

But lets just take a look!

Here is what I wore on one of the days.

Top: OVS

Skull ring: BLUR

Jeggings: PEPE JEANS
Shoes: FOREVER 21

Next time I promise to put up outfits of all 5 days :)


Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Summer Pick-ups

Yes, bye-bye winter clothes and Helloooooo summer!! Finally got some new stuff to add a little more style to my wardrobe and got rid of some of my old things to which I was hanging on to (had to admit I was not going to wear them again).

Strappy sandals: MAX
Sheer Neon Stripped Asymmetric top: MAX
Angel Wings: MAX
Denim shirt: MAX
Rhinestone necklace: FOREVER 21

I recently went to the mall hoping to buy this denim shirt which I saw last time, and I did. I totally love it! The embroidery is really pretty. I don't really buy stripes because I tend to look bulgy but this neon top is perfect for summers and I could not leave it behind and like I didn't have enough of sandals I got another pair because I cannot wear ballet flats in summers unless I have to walk a couple of kilometers.

Happy Summers <3

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Big Bang

You know there is a time when you look at someone and say, " I am never doing that!" and then somehow, if things turn around, you end up doing it. WELL, this is the second incident with me. I was against the idea that I will ever write like my sister, BUT, see where it got me. Now, since I've been in some major trouble lately, I have some time on my hands to figure things out and get my shit together.

How am I doing that?


Yes, another thing I thought I would never do because the idea seemed lame. But I have reached a point where I need peace. I think it is too early for me because I haven't done much in life except get myself into trouble (I am not joking). I guess its time for some "enlightenment". God help me.

Anyway, it helps. Trust me. This is coming from someone who thought the only way you could sit in one place without moving was when you were stoned.

I add a little something when I am meditating. Music! Why? Because how is one supposed to meditate when your neighbors are yelling at their kids to go to school or their maids to clean up properly! Yeah, blaring music in my ears and and think about nothing but the music or sometimes happy thoughts or I repeat one happy thought over and over again. Why I am explaining myself is if you ever need to find peace you could try the same.

If it can work for a frigidity person like me then I'm sure it will be a piece of cake for you :)