Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week

So I went to the recent WLFW 2013 for Fall/Winter and some designers had beautiful designs inclusive of pastels, tribal print, jewel tones etc. But some got it ALL wrong. Who would wear sheer in winter? Not me!

But lets just take a look!

Here is what I wore on one of the days.

Top: OVS

Skull ring: BLUR

Jeggings: PEPE JEANS
Shoes: FOREVER 21

Next time I promise to put up outfits of all 5 days :)



Miss Iffa said...

Wow! You are stunning! Thank you so so much for your kind words, you are such a lovely person, they really really made my day! I am really glad you liked my YouTube video, I have to say your blog is just brilliant! The photography is just spectacular and very professional! I completely understand what you mean about not feeling confident about posting what you wear and things online, when I first started blogging it was very on and off and I deleted so many photos! They key is honestly to just stick it out, the more you persevere the more you will get back from your blog. You have such an amazing blog, it will surely be recognised and I can imagine it becoming so big and successful! Another great tip which I already said on the video was to just network with other bloggers. There's a lovely network of indian fashion bloggers on this website - in-fb.com. I found so many lovely fellow Indian fashion bloggers there, who were all so lovely and supportive, I would definitely recommend you to check out that website and get involved :) I hope I have helped out a little bit! I would love to stay in touch with you, as soon as I get onto a computer I will follow your blog and I will try my best to support your blog and promote it too. You really really deserve to have so much attention because your style and your blog are both just perfect!

Thanks again,

Miss Iffa :)

/\nushree said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I can see the excitement because of all the exclamation marks! And I would really like it if we keep in touch and if could help me sometimes to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Trust me you have helped a lot because I needed a push. Thank you SO much :)

Anushree <3