Sunday, 31 March 2013

OOTD: Casual

Hi everyone,

Summer is here and I should probably ditch my jeans but where I live, it isn't exactly easy to do that. So I try to work my way around it. So I recently went out with the girls on a hot and cold day and I didn't want to bare it all. Check it out.

Fedora: Jack&Jones
Razor back top: Peter England
Scarf: A cut-up dupatta 
Shoes: North Star

The shoes don't exactly make a fashion statement but they are SO comfy, especially when lot of walking is required. I am not a ballet flats person, somehow they don't like me, because I have had really BAD experience with them. Gladiators, heels and converse are my thing and I shall stick to them.
I would've liked to wear shorts instead of jeans but like I mentioned, NOT the area where one can flaunt.

Excuse the blur pictures, something was up with my camera that day.


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