Monday, 3 March 2014


I want to admit that my life is a mess at the moment. I’ve been trying to stay calm but I think I have reached my limit and I seriously need to fix it. It is hard to admit that it is my rejection period in terms of work because I can’t seem to land a job at a time I need it the most. I’m not boasting when I say this but I’m one of those people who gets a job in the blink of an eye but right now I think the universe had turned 180 and for some godforsaken reason it isn’t happening. That is what I am trying to tell myself but deep down I feel totally different. I’m still terribly upset about my accident that took place two months ago because I still haven’t recovered completely. For those of you who don’t know please read the previous post and come back and read this.

Well, I honestly think that my face is my strength and that’s the area where I got hurt which has affected my self-esteem and I’m still trying to cope with it. I am sick of everyone telling me ‘it’ll heal soon’ and ‘don’t worry’ but moreover I am tired of telling myself that I still look and be the same when I know I’ve changed after the accident. I can’t kid myself anymore and I just want to be fine. I am not giving up on myself but I just need a break. I know it was my fault what happened to me and sometimes I wonder if it will hut less if I blame something else for it but I know I’ll just feel worse, mainly because a chunk of my memory from that evening has been erased. I am scared piece because in order to find that missing piece I need to relive the moment in my mind and I’m not strong enough for it yet. I dislike myself for being so weak at a time that I need to be the strongest and it is very unlike me.

Among other things, when I was lying in the hospital bed I have realized that family means a lot more than anything in the world and at that moment I wanted nothing more than home. I’m glad that my sister and brother in law were there to look after me and I’m proud to say that my sister is my rock. The number of times I have screwed up and she’s still got my back and I love her for that. I said that to explain that in today’s world we forget what family means because we are engrossed in our friends and work and we make that our priority, which isn’t bad, but we don’t appreciate the love and support of our family. Some of us don’t have the luxury to make rock solid friends and we tend to change ourselves for them in order to fit in.

What bewilders me is the fact that we refuse to change for those who love us conditionally and instead we change for those who are most likely to dump our sorry asses….

Sunday, 19 January 2014


I hope your holidays were filled with fun unlike mine! I met with a terrible accident when I was on a vacation (just perfect) which was a horrible experience because I hurt my face really bad. I was in Bangalore visiting my big sister and old friends during Christmas leave. I had spent the first three days with my sister shopping and everything was peachy. Then came Christmas eve, dooms day, I met my friends at a pub and hung out there for a couple of hours. One of my best friends offered to drop me home on his scooty and we left. On the way, somehow, I blacked out and fell off the bike on the right side of my face. I was rushed to the hospital and had my surgery the next day which was 25th December (Christmas present for me). I had to get plastic surgery only WITHOUT new skin, instead they used collagen which feels like plastic to cover my wounds. Apart from that I have stitches inside my upper and lower lip which is just as bad. Anyway, I’m much better now and my skin seems to healing quite well so hopefully I’ll be able to put makeup soon. But before this happened I got a couple of clothes and makeup products that I haven’t gotten around to using and I can’t wait.

I had planned to wear this sexy shift dress on New Year’s but that didn’t happen. So..I will just have to wait. I quite like the print and the silhouette is very different from what I would usually wear.

I have actually worn this adorable cardigan twice and it looks really cute on. The color is a change from my usual black wardrobe and the fit is perfect.

These leggings are freaking awesome! I fell in love the minute I laid my eyes on them on the mannequin and I just HAD to get them.  How can you not love that print?

These shorts were just something I randomly picked up for my workouts. Nothing special, just cute color combination.

I ordered this bag from after I had come back home and was on house arrest and needed to get something to cheer up a little. The material is patent leather and I needed s sling back to carry to parties.

NOW the fun part! MAKEUP can never have enough :)