Sunday, 21 April 2013

Summer Favourites

Hi everyone!

It has become pretty hot out here and I just shopped for a few things to beat the heat. Basically, I needed to shop to prevent my outburst. The heat gets to me real bad sometimes and shopping calms my nerves! It really does (more given below). Also, I have really bad nails. They are so brittle and I have given up trying to fix them. I have tried gazillion things to make them strong but in vain. So, I decided to give artificial nails a try. I always wanted long nails so I'm gonna take a shot at it, even if it means being a little "fake".

My favourite shades of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (which have been discontinued, sadly). These shades make my summer SO much better!

1.) Sweet Tart 060
2.) Pink Truffle 001
3.) Candy Apple 035

1.) Vitamin E Hydrating Toner and Cocoa Butter Body Scrub by TBS
2.) Colorbar Lipstick in Fushia Fix 1 (matt finish) 
3.) Artificial nails by Faces (apparently they change color in the sun, will tell you once I try)
4.) Park Avenue Beer Shampoo ( I CANNOT wait to try this)

That's it...For now!

Have a great summer y'all


Monday, 15 April 2013

OOTD: Black & Yellow

Hey everyone,

Summer is here with unpredictable rains. Weird weather which is making everyone sick, including me (like my allergies weren't enough). Still we are making it through the day and doing our thing. I think professionally, things seem brighter. I have had my hands full with photo shoots and college for the past week. Pictures will be up soon because you HAVE to see how the photographer was able to make me look like a total rockstar. But for now, OOTD!

Have fun :)

Top: OVS
Belt: Street shop
Necklace: MAX
Sunglasses: Supermarket 

Notice two things: I like to stay comfortable with my style during college hours AND I find some of my accessories in the places I least expect them to find.


Photographer: Pallavi Maini

Saturday, 6 April 2013

OOTD: Oxford Bling

Hi everyone,

I've been having a little trouble deciding the name for my blog for a while now. For some reason I changed it and then changed it AGAIN and now I'm back to what I started with. I am telling you this because sometimes you might doubt yourself like I just did and try to change in the process of comparing yourself with others. Don't do it. Don't second guess yourself, it just makes things worse. What makes you special is 'you'. 

Time for OOTD 

Dress: SN
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Fastrack
Spike bracelet: Colaba
Lipstick: Maybelline 14hr in Non-Stop Red 510

I found the dress while street shopping and I had have a mind to buy it because I would 5 other girls wearing the same thing but I couldn't leave it there. Its cute :)

Until Next Time

Photographer: Pallavi Maini

Monday, 1 April 2013

Esmeralda with Akanksha Redhu

Hi everyone,

I went to a launch 'Conversations with Esmeralda' by CIRARE created by Akanshka Redhu- A collection of bags so divine it took my breathe away. Beach prints, paint splatter and sequined work in this collection are extraordinary. I almost cried because I couldn't get one, but I will, soon. I loved everything about this day because it was a big step for me to interact with fashion bloggers. What made this day perfect was that my girls were with me. 

The store name is SECOND FLOOR STUDIO, located in Khan Market, New Delhi. There were other beautiful accessories along with her collection.


Yummy cookies served at the store

This was my FAVOURITE one. <3


Cutest Camera bag EVER



The cute gift we got to take with us. Thank you, Akanksha :)

Great evening, will never forget it and I'm looking forward for more.

-Anushree :)