Monday, 15 April 2013

OOTD: Black & Yellow

Hey everyone,

Summer is here with unpredictable rains. Weird weather which is making everyone sick, including me (like my allergies weren't enough). Still we are making it through the day and doing our thing. I think professionally, things seem brighter. I have had my hands full with photo shoots and college for the past week. Pictures will be up soon because you HAVE to see how the photographer was able to make me look like a total rockstar. But for now, OOTD!

Have fun :)

Top: OVS
Belt: Street shop
Necklace: MAX
Sunglasses: Supermarket 

Notice two things: I like to stay comfortable with my style during college hours AND I find some of my accessories in the places I least expect them to find.


Photographer: Pallavi Maini

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