Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Big Bang

You know there is a time when you look at someone and say, " I am never doing that!" and then somehow, if things turn around, you end up doing it. WELL, this is the second incident with me. I was against the idea that I will ever write like my sister, BUT, see where it got me. Now, since I've been in some major trouble lately, I have some time on my hands to figure things out and get my shit together.

How am I doing that?


Yes, another thing I thought I would never do because the idea seemed lame. But I have reached a point where I need peace. I think it is too early for me because I haven't done much in life except get myself into trouble (I am not joking). I guess its time for some "enlightenment". God help me.

Anyway, it helps. Trust me. This is coming from someone who thought the only way you could sit in one place without moving was when you were stoned.

I add a little something when I am meditating. Music! Why? Because how is one supposed to meditate when your neighbors are yelling at their kids to go to school or their maids to clean up properly! Yeah, blaring music in my ears and and think about nothing but the music or sometimes happy thoughts or I repeat one happy thought over and over again. Why I am explaining myself is if you ever need to find peace you could try the same.

If it can work for a frigidity person like me then I'm sure it will be a piece of cake for you :)


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