Saturday, 15 December 2012


So, I got hold of the spike studs after a LOT of wallowing and searching. If you are in India, you get these studs at PRAKASH COLLECTIONS, Nehru Place Fabric Market, Delhi.

Apart from studs they have a lot of neon colored beads, studs, fringes and fabric. Studded belts, laces, floral buttons, collar ends, studs in different shapes and sizes. Oh! I could go on and ON about this. It is a little expensive. These studs were for Rs.100 for 20 in the pack. I got little ones and big ones.

 I stitched the studs on the collars of my coral asymmetric shirt and....

 ....on the shoulders of my over-sized blue shirt.

They aren't the screw ones so you will have to stitch it and if you cannot stitch then run to the tailor.
I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time and I posted it as soon as I finished. 

So DIY stud your favorite shirts at home!


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