Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Summer Pick-ups

Yes, bye-bye winter clothes and Helloooooo summer!! Finally got some new stuff to add a little more style to my wardrobe and got rid of some of my old things to which I was hanging on to (had to admit I was not going to wear them again).

Strappy sandals: MAX
Sheer Neon Stripped Asymmetric top: MAX
Angel Wings: MAX
Denim shirt: MAX
Rhinestone necklace: FOREVER 21

I recently went to the mall hoping to buy this denim shirt which I saw last time, and I did. I totally love it! The embroidery is really pretty. I don't really buy stripes because I tend to look bulgy but this neon top is perfect for summers and I could not leave it behind and like I didn't have enough of sandals I got another pair because I cannot wear ballet flats in summers unless I have to walk a couple of kilometers.

Happy Summers <3

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