Monday, 8 August 2011

My New-est Passion

People’s perception of a photograph is usually how good they look. The basic idea of a photograph uploaded on the social networking sites is to wear appropriate clothes (which don’t make them look over-sized), fix a decent hairstyle, overload of make-up, a plastic smile and a weird angle. As soon as the photo is published the fall of never-ending comments start. For me, photography is a passion that seeped through my brain cells in an ascending order. I am one of “those” I mentioned above, trying to get the right picture for my Facebook profile by criticizing a series of photos and finally picking 1 out of 10. Eventually I was inspired by some jaw-dropping details of nature and I thought to myself. “I need to keep this”.  I haven’t done any fashion photography as such but clicking on daily basis gets me going. Random poses and weird expressions, love it! When you are the one clicking pictures the only thing that matters is to get the details right but the drawback is that if you want to be clicked and your companions don’t have the knowledge of a SLR camera and somehow they manage to get a good photo of you after a load of cribbing.  

Below are some photographs from a professional shoot:

By Antonio Andrade:

By Jason Christopher:
See how he gets every strand of the hair right.

My area of expertise in photography is the face, nature and randoms. Below are some samples:

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Simply Sanjivni said...

wowie babes... way 2 go...
your pics truely hav a depth and a touch in dem dat makes dem apart....ur perception and d way u luk into d lense seriously comes out amazingly..

loved em... keep postin up.....


/\nU$hree said...

thanks a lot herbie :)

Aditi Bhalotra said...

Yay! You're finally doing what you want =]
Love the pictures.


/\nU$hree said...

thank u aditi :)

Aditi Bhalotra said...

Wow love the new look. Stars and PINK. So you =]