Saturday, 15 September 2012

The X Factor

Have you been following the new season of X factor? If not, then don't bother unless you wanna see Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, LA and our beloved Simon Cowell. I just watched 2 episodes (out of boredom) to see how Demi Lovato is at judging and she doesn't really play a big role..I think they could have done it without her. Contrary to the judging, I was absolutely taken aback by her outfits. I have pictured Demi Lovato as the sweet "girl next door" from "Camp Rock" and a lovely voice which is famous among teenagers but she, shocked me.

The shoes, the jacket, the necklace, the make-up, the hair- I LOVE!..the dress- is a little off but works. 

I actually like what's going on's not too much but excellent how the green pops.
I am a fan of her minimal make-up already! (It is so me!)

Here is Demi, with the rest of the judges of the show: The X Factor.
No complains...I give her look a big thumbs-up!!

This look is missing something....can't put my finger on it..maybe some sort of accessory that would've lifted this outfit up a few bars.

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE! Look at her rock that look..literally!
Words cant describe how awesome she looks here.

Not many of us know that Demi Lovato was a victim of bullying and it got really hard for her. But, she pulled herself through it and achieved something big. She has a tattoo that is her strength.

"Stay Strong"

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