Thursday, 4 October 2012

Love for Androgyny

Who loves androgyny? Me Me Me!!!! I am excited because Jean Paul Gaultier has made androgyny sexier.

Presenting the mastermind's work:

Red head is my favorite apart from the cut lapels.
I like what I see

Could she look any sexier? I don't think so!

Suit up or Drape up!?

Two words : " I LOVE"

And check out Saint Laurent's collection!
I think there is whole sexy-witchy theme going on here that I am loving!

Cinched waist, sheer, ruffles and the lovely lovely gloves! <3 
Fringe, leather, nude and ankle length pants <3<3
 The hats give the garments the kick that cannot be ignored.
(ignore the cheesy hearts, I do that when I'm excited) 

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