Thursday, 7 July 2011

Think Before Getting Offended

There is one thing I would like to ask all those people who are "Proud to be Indians", WHAT exactly are you proud of??

Are you proud of the never decreasing poverty? Even though the government can help decrease it, they don't! Because all the money they have stashed in their lockers are being spent for their unnecessary personal agendas. 
Are you proud of the unmanageable roads and railways? For example: in the morning I was at the Nizamuddin Railway Station dropping mum off and just to get a damn platform ticket I ended up exploring the filthy station. The so called "enquiry" cabin was empty with just a chair sitting and staring back at blank faces, some moron behind another cabin had said to go downstairs and take the token from the machine which had mysteriously disappeared. And as for the roads, they're good but some places need replacement! 
Are you proud of the unorganized government? The ill-treatment of lower class crowd? The filthiness on the roads and hospitals? Oh....HOSPITALS! Govt. hospitals which is meant for the lower middle class crowd is dirty, infectious, filthy and I'm not talking about the people I mean the building. The staff or doctors are of absolutely no use and it’s an utter waste of time trying to take directions/instructions from them.
Are you proud of the "idea" of democracy which is gradually eliminating thanks to some useless ministers? Are you proud of the non-co-operation? I don't think Indians even know the meaning of co-operation! People here don't even know how to drive or follow road and traffic rules for that matter, and I don't totally blame them because the govt. doesn't pay attention to minor or major details until and unless it gets really out of hand and someone ends up getting hurt or dead...

Anyway, the only development I see is the entrĂ©  of more crappy people in the government. Again I repeat, NO OFFENSE. Now you might think what about the transport facility? Metro? Yeah..well there are a few things that have improved which is good but just because of these small improvements you shouldn't ignore the fact that things that need to be fixed aren't getting fixed and  even though we rebel, nothing has ever been acted upon. 

According to the website:  Investment decisions empowered by a strong economy have failed to target some of the key characteristics of poverty in India. The 2011 budget claims that as much as 36.4% of national expenditure is earmarked for “social spending”. 


Rajat Mehta said...

hmm.. Nice thought... Bt after reading ur blog... m still nt convinced to not say that m proud to be an Indian. Nor that I have a reason to say that... Bt yes... Still I am Proud to be an Indian!!!


/\nU$hree said...

ahh well.. everyone has their own opinions so its cool..i'll stick to mine and u stick to urs :)