Friday, 1 July 2011


Life is a roller-coaster, I agree totally. But how to differentiate the ups from the downs, that depends on the person. I prefer looking at the ups, because I would rather correct my mistakes and move forward than sitting and moaning over them (downs). Everybody goes through a hard and an easy phase in life, which come on and off.
Anyway, the hard phase in my life is back but I'm beginning to cope with it and I have to deal with it further. The easy phase is fading away slowly but its good for how long can one have fun in life...especially at my age. Therefore, I'm waiting for my college to start so I get busy in life and don't have to think about stupid and useless things which don't really matter and are utter waste of time. I want to keep myself busy because that way I won't think about the past too much and save time to think about the present and the future. Sometimes I get too caught up in the past that I deviate from the path I had set. Which obviously is NOT good. 

The things that I worry about now is 1) My college years go by smoothly with lots of success 2) my sister  should get rid of all the worries and take a chill pill 3) I hope to make my parents and sister proud.

Everybody faces the Rise and Fall in the course of living, you just have to decide how to cope with it. When people look at me they don't believe I'm 18 because of the way I talk! My sister tells me that I'm growing up too fast..LOL. But in a way its good, that I know what decisions to make. Cheers!

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