Sunday, 26 June 2011

26th June 2011

I woke up  at 6:38 am and smelled the fresh air entering through the grilled windows and the little space between the door and the panel. I opened the door and let the cool breeze wrap itself around me. The birds sang their beautiful morning songs in melodious chirping. I took a deep breathe and inhaled the sweet fresh air. After I finished cleaning my room and putting everything in place, I sat down in my balcony with the laptop to share this peaceful moment as I admired the nature's beauty. Its 8:25 and I'm still sitting on my towel covered chair, typing and sipping juice. The scenario is too wonderful to turn away from. The green leaves of the tree covered with morning dew, the clear blue sky and the flock of birds that fly across the sky! It saddens me that most people do not know how to enjoy the beauty of this nature, the resources we are depending on.
This world has gotten used to taking everything for granted and now the nature. If it wasn't for this nature we wouldn't be alive now. And probably only 10 in a million actually think and care about it.
You know, there more important things in life apart from BBM-ing, shopping, keeping boyfriends, gossiping and  etc.

Wake up people, for once in your life try to look at life from a different angle and analyse it! Might help a few douche bags out there reading this.

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