Sunday, 19 June 2011

Today is "the day"

Its here, the day I have been impatiently waiting for! I'm being a nervous wreck right now. I awoke at 6:10 am and straight sat to revise the question paper, mostly math. Anyway, I can't decide what clothes to wear, what shoes to put on, what kind of make-up to wear. I can't even decide whether I should go with the tomboy avatar or chic. Well, I got my stationary and my ID ready. All I need to focus on is my confidence and attitude, then I'll be ready to leave. I just hope everything turns out well, I wouldn't be able to handle another disappointment.

By the way, if you hadn't noticed its 19th June and its Father's Day today! I haven't gifted anything to my dad but I did wish him in the morning. Lets see if I can get anything nice for him.
Wish me luck!

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