Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's not worth the time

Sometimes when I am think about my past, I always come across a particular incident which had happened with a friend. She was my "best friend" at that time, 12th grade, and we were inseparable. She had a very different personality yet we had so much in common. The situations we've been through, the kind of phases we faced, and most important was that we were both Scorpions. That got us closer together and we loved each others company.

But all friendships don't have a happy ending, do they? Things happen which lead to petty fights, then ignorance, irritation, jealousy, bigger fights, hatred and after that you don't want see that person again ever with whom you've spent your college life with. Silly things that are ought to be ignored grow into longer conversations and bitter confrontations. For a moment there, you lose your mind and feel so betrayed which makes us more violent towards the situation, and over what? Reasons like - "how could you hang out with them when you're supposed to with me?!" "so now you've got male best friends and they are much cooler?" "you talk about me behind my back pretending to be my best friend" "she never gifts me anything even though I have given her so much" "she parties too often and brings friends I don't know". Are these reasons worth fighting for? Worth losing a good friend? Funny that its coming from me since I was the one who started the fight with my best friend.

Some of us find it hard to let go of  it, like me, and the rest move on and don't really give a damn because they got better things to do in life than moan over people who don't mean much to them. My mistake was that I should have let go of it from the very first moment when I knew it was the end. Well, I tried but what kept chewing my brains was one question "why?"  I didn't want it to be a mystery, I just wanted the reason because then I would stop guessing. I waited and waited but I din't get the answer I expected and as usual I lost my cool. I said things I weren't supposed to which obviously scared her and ran away even further from the truth. Then I finally got over it when god punished her and I witnessed it. That's when I realized, if its not meant to be you shouldn't waste your time trying to make it happen and that people who deserve to be punished get punished at one point of time, no matter when it is. When you try to control the situation too much, it gets out of hand which doesn't turn out to be a glorious moment for you or for anyone else.
So, we should all learn to let go and move on because whatever happens - happens for a reason.

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