Saturday, 18 June 2011

How it all started! - Part 2

As I was saying, I  now realize my big mistake of taking everything for granted. Let me tell you about my days in 'hell'. First of all, when I first moved into the hostel, it was a flat. On the third floor with a beautiful view of the beach and the unpleasant view of the slums. It was nice, airy, spacious and peaceful, at first I might add. Well, eventually I burst out of my bubble and started talking to my roommates. They weren't very entertaining. Anyway, more girls came later that year and they were all from Delhi and I was relieved and delighted that I now have someone I have common with. Gradually we made a gang of 6 "inseparable idiots" and we had much more in common than I had thought. Things happened, my college was useless, since they had NO proper teachers and the principal was an imbecile , so was the staff. Anyway, what brought my gang closer was the problem we were all having with the injustice done to us by the college. We did not receive what we were promised. We fought for it, but in vain. Why? Because money got in the way. Yes the principal was a manipulative witch who would go to any extend to extract the notes from a person.

I went into depression because I did not want to tell my parents about the misery at first. I did not want them to think that it was a total mistake and I knew they would be disappointed in me. It hurt me by just thinking the tension my parents were going through. So, I was trying NOT to be a burden due to which I ended up in a deep dark hole and if it wasn't for my idiot roommates, I would've not been able to climb out of the hole.
Later, at the end of year, we all decided to leave the institute. Since it was the question of our career, we had to push aside the thought that we were all getting separated. Some of us gave the exam and the rest came back to where they belonged. Yes, I shifted back to Gurgaon where I grew up and had longed to come back for years(because I had moved to Bangalore and lived there for 6 years).

When I was on my way back to Gurgaon, after all the teary good-byes with my roomies, I was hit by a lightning that made me realize what a fool I have been all along. I regretted for not listening to my sister and my parents, and the fact that I had gone in so much loss in just a year was an unbearable pain but I had to make things right. As soon as I reached Gurgaon, I was home with my parents, my lovely house and I felt so secure and strong like nothing would break me again. I started preparing for an entrance exam for Institute of Apparel Management. What I'm trying to imply here is that, teens don't usually listen to what their parents say, and I'm not saying that you should always listen to them,  but when they give elderly advise about something that DOES make sense in our heads we should follow it. Usually whatever they say is out of concern and they exaggerate and overreact about silly little things but that's why they are parents. In this period of time, I have learnt to think straight and keep my priorities in line. I'm just 18, I still have little bit of a child in me, but I'm growing up to make decisions and consult my mum(which I  never used to do). I think I have a little bit of my sister's strictness in me and that helps and I am happy that she's always been there to keep me strong and support me.

Special regards to my sister- Even though we fight like cats and dogs, you are my role model and I will always love you :)


Anu said...

Lovely, Anushree. :) We all go through tough phases, but it's awesome that you are so strong about it. I'm sure you'll rock! :) Keep writing.

/\nU$hree said...

thank u so much :) appreciate it :)

afterglow said...

Mera maatu bada ho gaya hai..muwwahmuwwahhmuwaah

Shix said...

Awwwwww... :) You're sure to Rock the fashion world!! Keep at it!

/\nU$hree said...

hehehehe didi :) mwaaahhhh

/\nU$hree said...

and thank u shikha di :D