Friday, 24 June 2011

Second Chance

Do you believe in second chances?
Have you ever messed up and thought to yourself that you want another chance to make things right and you get it?

As for me, I did get a second chance to make things right. To make up for the loss, to prove to myself that I can do great things if I just put my mind to it and to make my folks proud. 23 June 2011 6:54 pm the e-mail arrived in my inbox. The subject of the e-mail - Selection for the applied programme at Institute of Apparel Management. Obviously I jumped in my seat by just reading the subject. I opened the e-mail, read the first line and screamed like a victim being murdered! I just knew that this was it. MY second chance was here and I had to make full use of it. Needless to say, I gave my parents and my sister the happiness they had longed for. Finally, my first step to glory had been paid for. And I am as happy as my family and my friends are, a little nervous but overwhelmed.

Happiness can't be described in words so I'm gonna end it here.I just want to enjoy the moment because I'm finally at peace!


kanav4655 said...

thumbs up for the second chance !!! and only thing its reminding me is of SECOND CHANCE -SHINEDOWN - My eyes are open wide
By the way I made it through the day
I watch the world outside
By the way I'm leaving out today ... :) happy for u !!! cheers

/\nU$hree said...

thanx dude..btw i love that song!