Sunday, 29 July 2012

Big girls can kick Skinny's ass!

The point of this post is, "You don't have to be skinny to look stylish". Don't starve yourself to get into skinny jeans where them anyway and show of those curves, if you are a medium make it your advantage and experiment. I'm a M&L size and I am working on being thin but not skinny, just toned. Let's look at some examples shall we?
Adele looks absolutely glamorous in that outfit...
Let's face it..Kelly Clarkson isn't exactly a fashion icon but she does pull it off now and again. Here, I give her a 6, for the style of the gown. The net under the satin gives it an edge that it needs, on her it looks great considering she is on the pus size side. Though this photo is recent (I think).

Below: This is my friend who has great style and rocks every dress!

Thank You all for reading ;)

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