Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Most Ridiculous

I am not going to be all mushy and sad about what I am going to tell you instead I will be straight forward and spiteful. This is going to be the smallest post ever!

So, I was near the Iffco Tower, Gurgaon, today to practice driving and there is a area alongside the road where the people with no homes live. There tents were recently destroyed so they would move to another location but I saw that they were back, a little less in number though. I was just passing by and I saw a woman breast feeding her child and having a chat on her MOBILE PHONE!!!!....May I add that these people don't have any source of food or water and they resort to begging and she had a cell phone. Like Really? Don't some of us feel helpless when people with no food, water or a roof on their heads come to us and there is nothing we can do about it? Why should we anymore? If they have a source to get a cell phone I cannot imagine what else they are capable of getting. Have people really lost the point of living? It's like making friends by showing off the expensive cars or beautiful girlfriends(who sometimes happen to be dumb) or having an expensive fancy cell phone to walk around with. It is just sad how materialistic this world has become. What happened to eat to live or live to eat? It seems to me like the world has become a "have a cell phone or you're a loser" place. If you think, that you have the money to shop for fancy  gadgets and vehicles and clothes and THAT is what you call a life, then you need a reality check because you haven't lived to see anything.

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