Thursday, 5 July 2012

Constructive Vacation

I had assumed that none of my family members would be in the fashion industry...but! I was very much wrong. Recently when I was making my resume for an internship for a time period that I knew I would waste if  I didn't come up with a plan to make use of it. I happened to mention it my brother, who coincidentally is the HR in Benetton India, and he offered to save my trouble and time and handed me an internship right away. No...not a "sales girl" because he wouldn't do that. I was to intern under the head of product design for women's wear for Benetton. Isn't that cool? Like my brother said, "It will look kick ass on your CV!". Of course it would!..I could get a good paying job and buy all the shoes I want.

Anyway, so right now I'm in my office, jobless. Why? because all the important work was finished before I came but it is good I am free now because soon the preparations for SS13 fashion show will start and I am going to be a part of it and I am guessing it is going to be hectic. I can't wait though. People find it weird that I would rather work everyday than sit at home and study. But if you love your work, nothing in the world can change your mind. I am not getting paid at the moment but hey! I don't care because it is a pleasure just to sit among some of the most talented people and learn what most of us don't know. So, I don't mind slogging my ass off for free because it is just a month!...No big deal.. Al though I have nothing to do at the moment, I am sipping on diet coke and giving time to write my blog.


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