Sunday, 12 January 2014

M.A.C Studio Moisture Cream

I recently bought a couple of products from MAC and I usually don’t buy products specifically for my face but this time I decided I should. I realized I only use an aloe gel instead of a moisturizer on my face so I went ahead and bought MAC Studio Moisturize Cream. This cream is meant for oily skin which suits me and helps hydrate your skin and he helps your makeup stay on longer. It is exactly like MAC Studio Fix mist but in cream form because Studio Fix is mainly to hydrate dry skin. They both work like magic!

The packaging is standard MAC-like: black and white with M.A.C embossed on the box. The lid has a non-slippery rubber texture. It is simple and chic. The cream smells very much like studio fix with the floral scent and a hint of green tea. I’m incapable of recognizing scents and that’s the reason I never go by myself to buy perfumes.

The texture of MAC Studio Moisture Cream is:

  • Non-greasy
  • Light 
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and baby-soft

One thing that really caught my attention is the fact that it doesn’t make my T- zone oily later in the day which is amazing because I hate when that happens. A lot of creams promise to keep your skin matte and end up disappointing but not this beauty.

MAC Studio Moisture Cream cost Rs. 2100/- and is totally worth it and you can buy it at any MAC store.

Would I repurchase? – ABSOLUTELY!

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